how to write a descriptive essay

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Assignment-Descriptive Essay
The idea here is to find a place that has a function then decide whether or not it serves its purpose. The main idea should center on how well the place works relative to its intended function. The description must be connected to the main idea, and since this is a descriptive essay, the description should be clear and substantial. Establish a concise thesis statement early on in the essay and develop the essay with rich detail that casts light on the thesis. Remember to explain how the function of the place fits into the overall theme of the essay. Length – 2 ½ to 4 pages.

List the most successful things you did in writing this paper.

Describe your writing process. For example, what editorial help did you have, from whom, what changes did you make?

Possible Topics:
Division Street
How well does Division street function? The idea behind this essay is for you to use evidence based on your observations and experience. If you drive on Division, then you probably have noticed whether or not traffic moves along at a decent pace. You don’t have to make this a engineering assignment (the street is exactly 43.5 feet wide going south with a three foot median). I think it could be fun to write about traffic jams, if you experience them, or the huge lineups at traffic lights. On the other side, maybe Division is great now that it is wider. The Monroe Street Bridge

When I say “function”, I don’t mean strictly in terms of efficiency. The Monroe Street bridge is old and a bit creaky, but it is also a magnificent piece of architecture (in my view). If any part of Spokane is likely to appear in a movie, it’s the Monroe Street Bridge. It’s part of the...
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