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Topics: French language, Diving, Swimming pool Pages: 2 (579 words) Published: October 7, 2013

“Me Talk Pretty One Day”

David Sedaris is an essayist whose work has been published in various outlets, as well as in radio. This particular essay comes from his collection, “Me Talk Pretty One Day”. This essay recounts Sedaris and his feelings about returning to school to study the French Language. He takes himself out of his comfort zone and moves to Paris in hopes that this will help him learn the language better. On his first day he recalls being quite uncomfortable and feels to be the odd man out. Most of his fellow students were pretty fluently speaking the language already. Sedaris quickly realizes that most of the students just knew enough of the language to get by, and not enough to make them sound sophisticated to the teacher. The teacher is a French woman who is very stern when it comes to the pronunciation and right context of using the French language. She was very unpredictable and belittled individuals and the whole class without warning or justifiable cause. Sedaris could not completely understand the teacher’s insults but none the less they were affecting his learning capabilities. He quickly became embarrassed to even try and use the French language outside of the classroom. To use French even to order coffee or dinner had become uncomfortable for him. What Sedaris didn’t realized and what was blocked by the constant insults was that by fall he was able to understand everything that his teacher was saying to and about him and his other classmates. Being able to understand a language and speak the language are different but he felt that with learning to understand the language with time he would be able to speak it as well. I know exactly how Sedaris was feeling in this essay. In life there are definitely a lot of obstacles to be overcome. I personally can’t recall a recent struggle that I have had to overcome. However, my daughter just recently overcame her fear swimming. My daughter is 6 years old and has always had a fear of...
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