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How to Write Diamond Poem

By NgoVy Sep 16, 2011 368 Words
How to Write Diamond Poems
This is another way to be creative when it comes to writing poetry. For those of you who like to write poetry, here is a good example of a type of poem that when you’re finished, the words will form a diamond shape. I learned this lesson in a creative writing class I had taken last year. In fact, when I substitute teach, I use this as a creative writing lesson. The students love it, and when they are finished writing their poems, I allow them to use the computer because it always looks so great when it is typed up. It’s also easier to recognize the diamond shape. They can also add more creativity by illustrating their poem. I feel that with the “No Child Left Behind” rule, there is not enough time for creativity, and I’m a great believer that being able to express oneself is important. Here are two examples of Diamond Poems:

golden, fragrant
budding, blooming, bursting
warmth, flowers, youth, love
fading, chilling, shrinking
pale, dead
Vacant, forgotten
Sagging, echoing, waiting
Weeds, dust, neglect, emptiness
Buying, repairing, filling,
Cozy, loved
Line 1: Write the subject of your poem. Any subject will do, but it will be necessary to write the opposite one for the last line, so think of that when you choose a subject. Line 2: Write two words that describe the subject.

Line 3: Write three action (verbs) words that describe your subject. Use words that end in –ing. Line 4: Name four things that you associate with the subject. Line 5: Write three action words (with –ing endings) that indicate there is a CHANGE in your subject. Line 6: Two words that describe the subject now that it has changed. Line 7: Write a word that is the exact opposite of the original subject—-the exact opposite of the word in line 1. Now see if your poem has a diamond shape.

Good luck

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