How to Write an Report

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Unit 2: Business Resources
TASK 2 Assignment supporting notes.

* Groups of 3 * Use ASDA as your organisation, * 10 - 15 minute PowerPoint presentation to class * Presentation Date – 12th December 2011
QUESTION 1 - 1) P3 - Describe the main physical and technological resources that need to be considered in the running of ASDA.
Look at the ASDA website, using the “interactive store” page that we viewed in class. A) The easiest way to do this would be to make a list of the physical and Technical resources that are in that displayed on the website. B) Now DESCRIBE them – why are they needed?

Note the following - * Physical resources –buildings and facilities, materials and waste, plant and machinery, equipment including ICT; planned maintenance and refurbishment; emergency provision; insurance; security. (P3) * Technological resources – intellectual property (designs, drawing, text, music, video); accumulated experience and skills, software licences; protection via patents and copyright. (P3)

QUESTION 2 2) M1 - Explain how managing human, physical and technological resources can improve the performance of ASDA.
Having completed question why you now need to consider why you need to carefully manage * Human * Physical * Technological Resources at ASDA

For example; Consider Human Resources (think back to the first part of this assignment) – Human Resources are very important as ASDA will need to – * Recruit the right people for the job to make sure that employees will work as part of a team. * Without the right people ASDA would not work as effectively as they would have poor customer service and customers would shop elsewhere. * So, employees need to have the correct communication, personal and interpersonal skills to fit each job role throughout ASDA.

Do the same for each one………

Very important - REMEMBER TO INCLUDE, * Any limitations that might be placed on managers

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