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Explaining the word Essay= Trying to make your topic convincing. Making it understandable and to help. First you will have your introduction- that will be your opening to your topic, giving the reader a brief description on what you will be writing about. However an introduction will not be any longer than 3-4 sentences. For Example, say your topic was about sports. You will give a light touch on what is in sport and what happen. Racism, sexism, good or bad sportsmanship, favouritism, drugs, money, injuries, elite. In your introduction it will be your main thesis. A thesis is what you are trying to prove. Then you will have your Body. Your body will be in between your introduction and conclusion. With an essay your teacher might decide how many paragraphs are in your body, but the usual amount is 4. However my teacher has chosen 10. It is also up to how many words you must have in your essay. For paragraph number 1: you will have your topic sentence.

For each paragraph you will have a topic.
For Example, sports. Injuries, money, pressure, elite.
You will then focus on that one topic in that paragraph. When you get your assignment sheet from your teacher it will have a question that you will have to answer. Make sure you remember to bring it up in every paragraph to make sure you don’t lose your place. You will elaborate the text, giving examples of your topics, say if your essay was about a movie, you could include some quotes that will help prove your point. For paragraph 2: you will have your topic, and the first couple of sentences will focus on your topic. Bring a little bit of information from the 1st paragraph into it so that the reader does not forget the 1st point of the essay. For paragraph 3: it is near the ending of your essay, you will begin to bring out the big topics for a big ending. You will have your topic sentences and if possible have some examples of something that involves what your writing your essay on, so if...
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