How To Write An Archetype In My Life Essay
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During my high school years, I have changed a lot into a mature human being. I have subdue my emotions and my thoughts have become more logical. "Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself (Shaw)." The three archetypes that express my life are: the Innocent, the Seeker, and the Sage. The first archetype that expresses my childhood is the Innocent. Ever since I was a little boy, I always had the desire to keep myself entertained. I was the only child, without any brothers or sisters, I was always lonely. When my parents divorced, from that point on, my life would change. Everyday I would ask why my mom and dad were not together, but repeatedly the answer was, "because we can't be together ". Seeking for love and attention became my selfish goal. Everywhere my mother went I followed her for the fear of loosing someone that I truly love. If there was any chance to get out of the house, I would take it. Even if it was just going to Walmart to get grocery or restocking inventory for her business that was monotonous . "The innocent is the spontaneous, trusting child that while a bit dependent, has the optimistic to …show more content…
Since elementary school I always wanted to fit in with my classmates. Since I live in Missouri with minuscule amount of diversity, I was the only Asian kid in school. It was hard at first to fit in, but as times changed I made plenty of friends. I've become well known thought my school. "All I had to do was to find and accept myself, discovering my try identity in relation to the external world (J.J. Jonas)." The archetypes that I see emerging more strongly in me is the seeker. The seeker is one archetype I would invest more of my life into. I want to seek for a better future and explore the world. As a curious person, I don't think I would've survive any longer in the suburbs. "Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced

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