How to Write an Academic Essay

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Content Page no A. Introduction 1

B. Knowing the essay format 1
* Reading before looking for sources 2 * Using credible sources 2 * Contracting a Thesis 4 * Using appropriate writing style 5 * Punctuation 6 * Grammar 6 * Plagiarism 6 * Editing and Peer editing 7

* Drafting 7
* Evaluating 8
* Reference 8

C. Conclusion 9

D. Referencing 10

A. Introduction
Writing academic essay is one of the most common assignments you ever be asked to do in the university. Everyone writing academic essays should know that there is no one rule or correct way to do this, everything begins with critical selecting, understanding and analyzing the topic given upon you. It is crucial when writing academic essays to read and research relevant information concerning the subject. This essay will help the reader to identify ways of approaching academic writing when planning to write an academic essay, for instance it will show the guidelines of how to construct an academic essay. It will also show the writer of how to read and chose credible material to support academic work given upon them.

B. Knowing the essay format
I think everyone is familiar with the form that is taught in schools for almost all types of essays, which includes the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Usually the minimum number of paragraphs is five. The introduction usually consists of only one paragraph but it can always be extended to include more than one paragraph if needed when writing. The introduction sets the tone for the essay and it is important for academic writing because it is letting the reader know about the humor and sarcastic of the essay. The introduction creates attention to the reader and invites him or she to read the essay in other words put the reader on point. (Meriwether 2005: 23).

The body of any academic essay writing discusses the subdivided topics one by one. It consists as many paragraph as necessary to explain the controlling ideas in the thesis statement. In the main body the writer will mention, generalize and describe the parts of the analysis contain in the paragraphs for instance in the subheadings of the body. The sentences should be kept as concise as possible to provide clear understanding and meaning to the reader. (Anderson and Poole 2009: 17).

Rita Inderawati and Rita Hayati (2011: 518) state that a conclusion paragraph reminds the reader of what the writer stated when writing the body and it is a summary of the main ideas of a restatement of the thesis put in different words. It is also a final comment constructed by the writer about the topic to state his point of view more likely his opinion about what he or she thinks about the argument.

Reading before looking for sources
There are steps on deciding what to read before writing any academic essay. Any person planning to write any academic essay should think before planning to search for sources to support their academic writing. As a...
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