How to Write an Abstract

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Some examples of abstracts

Below find some examples of structured abstracts for the various categories of Emerald articles. The keywords are also listed. Note that we have deliberataley chosen older articles so that you can compare the structured abstracts supplied below with the unstructured abstracts required at the time of publication (just click on the article link). Structured abstract examples in this section

* Literature review
* Case study
* Conceptual paper
* Research paper
* General review

Example of a structured abstract for a literature review

Surviving and thriving in academia:
a selective bibliography for new faculty members
Deborah Lee
Reference Services Review
Vol. 31 No. 1

Literature review

To provide a selective bibliography for graduate students and new faculty members with sources which can help them develop their academic career.

A range of recently published (1993-2002) works, which aim to provide practical advice rather than theoretical books on pedagogy or educational administration, are critiqued to aid the individual make the transition into academia. The sources are sorted into sections: finding an academic job, general advice, teaching, research and publishing, tenure and organizations.

Provides information about each source, indicating what can be found there and how the information can help. Recognises the lack of real training of many academics before they are expected to take on teaching/researching duties and finds some texts which help.

Research limitations/implications
It's not an exhaustive list and apart from one UK book all the rest are US publications which perhaps limits its usefulness elsewhere.

Practical implications
A very useful source of information and impartial advice for graduate students planning to continue in academia or for those who have recently obtained a position in academia.

This paper fulfils an identified information/resources need and offers practical help to an individual starting out on an academic career.

Keywords: Bibliography, Higher education, Teachers, Academic staff, Research, Publishing Examples of structured abstracts for case studies

Cash to accrual and cash to accrual:
a case study of financial reporting in two NSW hospitals 1857 to post-1975 Julie E.M. Scott, Jill L. McKinnon and Graeme L. Harrison
Accounting, Auditing and Accountability Journal
Vol. 16 No. 1

Case study

This study traces the development of financial reporting in two publicly funded hospitals in New South Wales over the period 1857 to post-1975, with particular focus on the use of cash and accrual accounting.

The historical analysis draws on process and conceptual change and stakeholder theory, and uses both primary and secondary data,

to describe patterns of change (and non-change) in the hospital's financial reporting and to identify the social and political influences associated with such reporting.

This study provides historical context for recent developments in public sector reporting and accountability in Australia, particularly the (re)introduction of accrual accounting, and provides insights into the nature of accounting change both in public sector organisations and generally.

Keywords: Public sector accounting, Financial reporting, Hospitals, Accounting history, Analysis, Stakeholders, Australia

A comparative analysis of vertical integration in the UK brewing and petrol industries Gary Cook
Journal of Economic Studies
Vol. 24 No. 3

Case study

Looks fundamentally at the reasons for vertical integration. Specifically addresses the question of why vertical integration and close contractual equivalents have arisen in the petrol and brewing sectors of the UK.

Reports the results of a comparative case study....
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