How to write 360 degree performance review

Topics: Review, Peer review, Management Pages: 4 (1082 words) Published: March 24, 2014
What is peer review and how
to perform one
Peer review is not a new term in performance management. However, despite it being relatively old, some organizations are yet to develop systems that enhance effective use of peer reviews. Others have not adopted this system because they prefer the traditional manager led appraisals. Some have also not considered the effectiveness of this appraisal method. It is therefore important for you to understand what peer review involves and how you can perform an effective peer review. Peer review is used by organization as a performance appraisal method. Rather than you as a manager or rather single supervisor evaluating employee performance, colleagues are involved in giving feedback about the performance of each other. The process involves collecting data about an individual’s performance from a number of his or her peers. Peers in this case are those who work directly with an employee. Data may be collected from peers such as team members or individuals on the same pay grade or role. The focus is usually to generate feedback on a wider array of behaviours and attitude than an appraisal conducted by a single manager. Peer reviews focus on employees’ attributes including personal integrity to ability to minimize expenses among others. Studies indicate that peer reviews are more effective since employees tell it as it is and do not have any status quo to preserve when conducting the review. Since they are effective, one may therefore do away with the traditional top-down; managers led performance reviews and adopt peer reviews or use a combination of both. Peer reviews are commended because the manager’s bias is minimized as the reviews enable collection of feedback from more people about an individual’s performance. Peer reviews are also used to enhance team work and create a more open communication climate in an organization. The process is participatory and involves an employee choosing several reviewers for his or her...
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