How to Wash a Large Dog - Process Essay

Topics: Bathing, Bathtub, Shower Pages: 2 (842 words) Published: April 27, 2012
Bath Time
Bathing a large dog in a bathtub may be a test of human endurance equal to the most trying of Olympic events. However, it may well worth the effort in the end. You will be rewarded in knowing you are helping to keep your pet healthy. Additionally, you will know your home won't smell like the primate building at the zoo. You have to make sure you have the bathroom ready, how to bring the dog in without tracking dirt all over your house, and how to dry the dog off after the bath. To begin, prepare the bathing area. Gather several large bath towels; usually four or five. Place three of the towels on the floor near the bath tub, and place the other two towels on the closed commode. Preferably use old towels that are rarely used by any person in the house. Use a shampoo that is especially made for the event. The Hartz Company makes an herbal scented brand that is pleasant to use. You should the shampoo in easy reach but also a place where the dog cannot easily knock it over; perhaps on the closed commode with the other towels. Have something at hand by which you can pour water on your dog; I suggest you use a rubber hose with a soft plastic nozzle resembling a miniature shower head. These hoses can be easily found at Family Dollar or WalMart; most are very inexpensive and attaches to most bathtub water spouts. It is very important to have all of the necessary bathing supplies in the bathroom before you bring the dog in. The pooch will not remain inside the bathroom while you go to get anything, especially when most dogs feel the inside of any bathroom is akin to a crematorium. You are now well prepared, so you can now proceed with bringing your dog into the house. Get your dog's leash and place it on the choker collar. Your dog is cooperative because his destination is uncertain. If he becomes leery, as he becomes aware of his proximity to the bathroom, reassure him with some comforting words. Use an expression or promise you know works to motivate your...
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