How to Wash Your Hair

Topics: English-language films, Shampoo, Scalp Pages: 3 (489 words) Published: November 13, 2010


I. (name)- Good morning class my name is Brandon Warden.

II. (attention getter)- Stephanie Jones has very dirty hair.

III. (thesis statement)- Today I would like to tell you how to wash hair.

IV. (credibility)-After extensive research I am credible to tell you how to wash hair.

V. (preview main points)-Today we will look at shampooing, conditioning, and drying hair.

VI. (connecting sentence)- So let’s get started.


VII. (first main point)- First let’s look at shampooing.

a) (first supporting material)- According to rub a dollop of shampoo, around the size of a quarter between the palms of the hands and smooth onto the scalp area of your head.(how)

b) (second supporting material) says massage with your fingertips, Do not mound hair on top of the head to scrub it, this will cause tangles. Also use clawed fingers to get the shampoo into the scalp.(beauty)

c) (third supporting material)- According to completely rinse the hair until water runs out with no bubbles. This is very important for getting clean hair as not rinsing it out enough may leave a greasy film.(sugar)

VIII. (second main point)- Next let’s look at Conditioning.

a) (first supporting material)- says to apply conditioner and distribute to the ends. This is the oldest and most damaged area and needs all the help it can get. (how)

b) (second supporting material)- According to leave the conditioner on for a few minutes. If a shower cap is available use it to make sure the conditioner doesn't rinse off first.(beauty)

c) (third supporting material)- says after a few minutes, rinse completely until the water running down the drain has no more suds in it.(sugar)

IX. (third main point)-Finally let’s look at Drying.

a) (first supporting material)- says when towel drying do not rub the hair with...

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