How to use Smart Art

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Donna Joseph
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30 facts:
1.) In order to insert a SmartArt graphic, select the Insert tab. Select the SmartArt command in the Illustrations group. A dialog box will appear. The SmartArt Command Select a category on the left of the dialog box and review the SmartArt graphics that appear in the center. Select the desired SmartArt graphic, then click ok. 2.) In order to add text to a SmartArt graphic, select the graphic. A border will appear around it with an arrow on the left side. Click the arrow on the left side of the graphic to open the task pane. The arrow to open the task pane. Enter text next to each bullet in the task pane. The information will appear in the graphic and will resize to fit inside the shape. Typing text into the task pane. To add a new shape, press Enter. A new bullet will appear in the task pane, and a new shape will appear in the graphic. 3.) In order to convert existing text to SmartArt, Select the list or paragraph you want to change to SmartArt and right click. A drop-down menu will appear. Hover the mouse over Convert to SmartArt. Converting text to SmartArt. Select the desired SmartArt graphic, or click More SmartArt Graphics at the bottom of the menu to view more options. Hovering to preview the SmartArt. 4.) SmartArt allows you to visually communicate information rather than simply using text. 5.) Illustrations can really increase value in your presentation, and SmartArt makes using graphics especially easy. 6.) Whenever you use the Web, you are using hyperlinks to navigate from one webpage to another. 7.) If you want to include a web address or email address in your PowerPoint presentation, you can choose to format them as hyperlinks a person can click on. 8.) Adding hyperlinks to your presentation can help your reader quickly access contact information or information from the Internet. 9.) Hyperlinks in the form of action buttons are useful for navigating your slide show. 10.) To use hyperlinks, you'll need to...
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