how to use HRM in company

Topics: Labour economics, Management, Human resources Pages: 1 (393 words) Published: October 11, 2013
三.(1)Human Resource Management: refers to the practices and policies. You need to carry out the personnel aspects of your management job, acquiring, training, appraising rewarding, and providing a safe, ethical and fair environment for your company’s employees. (2) Human Resource planning: HRP is the process of analyzing and identifying the need for and availability of human resource. So that the organizating can meet its objectives. (3) Succession Planning: the process of finding suitable people and preparing them to replace important executives in an organization when these executives leave or retire. (4) Training: the activity of learning or teaching the skills and knowledge needed for a particular job and activity. (5)Performance appraisal means evaluating an employees’ current and past performance relative to his or her performance standards. 四. 解答题

答:A绩效管理:一个完整的管理程序,解决问题,侧重于信息沟通与绩效提高,详细管理活动的全过程,事先沟通与承诺,关注未来的绩效。B,绩效评估:管理过程中的局部环节和手段,事后算账,侧重于判断与评估,只出现在特定时期,事后的评价,关注过去的绩效。 (5)你的工资有哪些因素决定?
答:the labor market, ability to pay, cost of living, productivity, bargaining power, job requirement, worker competencies, managerial attitudes, legislation. (6) 工资的发展趋势?
答:First, as we’ve seen, there is more emphasis on(着重于,强调)rewarding individuals for their skills and competencies, and to defining salary grades much more broadly.(明显的,广泛的) second, there is more emphasis on performance-based incentive(动机,激励,鼓励) pay. Third, there is more emphasis on giving individual a check in the rewards they receive. 五.论述题

Internal sources for recruiting: A优点 Morales士气 of promotee, Better assessment评估 of abilities, lower cost for some jobs, motivator for good performance, causes a succession of promotions, have to hire only at entry level. B.缺点 inbreeding 近亲 Possible morale problems of those not promote, political infighting暗斗 for promotions, need for management-development program. External sources for recruiting: A 优点...
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