How to Use Communication Ways to Solve Natural Environmental Problems in China Tourism Industry

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How to use communication ways to solve natural environmental problems in China Tourism Industry

Tourism industry, as the fastest growing sector of the world's largest industry, China has faced many ethical problems on it. This study aims to indicate the China's travel development status, analyze a tourism area cycle of evolution in order to find the best stage to protect the natural environment and promote some solutions directing at China’s tourism industry from the perspective of communication. Through various data and analysis, we can use communication models designed for sustainable and alternative environmental development to deal with the issues China confront.

The problems China face in tourism industry
Environmental Protection Bureau Vs. Tourism Administration As known to all, tourism development on the one hand depends on the environment; on the other hand, due to the vulnerability of the tourism environment, tourism development brought the tourism environment damage and impact, so the improper management and system protection on the tourism environment are bound to affect the sustainability of tourism development. This contradiction between Tourism Development and Tourism Environmental Protection made the irreconcilable unequal relationship between Environmental Protection Bureau and Tourism Administration exist inevitability. How to find a breakthrough point between profit and sustainable development is the problem our Chinese tourism industry needs to solve. The data in Figure 1 reflect the latest development of tourism in China during the 2006-2008 period. Development mainly includes: number of travel agencies in terms of international and domestic; number of visitor arrivals; number of star-rated hotels; and amount of tourism earnings. We can see the obvious improvement in the profit of the tourism in China. Figure 1: Development of tourism in China, 2006-2008 Item Travel Visitor arrivals (million) Star-rated hotels Tourism earnings - foreign exchange (US$ billions) 33.95 41.91 (Source: China’s National Tourism Administration, 2009b) 40.84 International Overseas Domestic 1394 12751 1610 13583 1712 agencies Domestic 2006 1688 16787 222.1 2007 1838 17882 261.1 243.25 2008

The data in Figure 2 reflect the China environmental pollution situation from the perspective of the year to year percentage increase on the GDP, we can see the investment in environmental pollution control increase year to year, this indicated that the environmental pollution in China has become a big problem. The economic losses caused by environmental pollution made the conflict between Tourism Development and Tourism Environmental Protection Environmental Protection Bureau and Tourism Administration irreconcilable.

Figure 2: China environmental pollution situation 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Investment in 110.66 136.34 162.73 190.86 238.8 256.78 338.76 environmental pollution control(US$billion) Proportion in GDP(%)








Growth rate compare 23.2 19.4 17.3 to last year(%) (Source: National Environmental Statistics Bulletin; 2000-3-20 3rd edition of the China Environment News ) Thus, to obtain a win-win situation between Tourism Administration and Environmental Protection Bureau is a dilemma. First of all, the tourism sector only cares for immediate benefits and the excessive predatory development of tourism resources; Second, the extensive management of the scenic environment, the excessive concentration of peak season tourists lack the scientific and reasonable diversion or regulated price management means; again, in the process of tourism development, scenic spots development and the trend of sick expansion of tourism infrastructure have become increasingly evident. So the two sides lack the communication with each other. The responsibilities of Local government Local government plays an important role in the tourism industry. The rise and prosperity...
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