How to Throw a Party

Topics: Party, Event planning, Parties Pages: 4 (1537 words) Published: November 6, 2008
Parties and events take some planning and thought to figure out exactly what kind of event you want. Parties range from costume parties, to house warming parties, surprise birthday parties, holiday parties, and even parties that are just for fun. The three pillars to a successful party or event are preparation, guest list, and entertainment. Preparation is where the process of planning a party or event begins. When trying to figure out how to throw a party you have to first come up with an idea, reason, or a theme. By doing this it will make the decision making for the rest of the party easier. Let’s say that we are going to throw a costume party for Halloween weekend. Halloween falls on a Friday this year. This would make for a great over night party. This idea sets the stage for what supplies are needed and the other decisions that have to be made. In an interview with 3 year event planner and Wake Forest alumni, Jacklyn McConville mentions, "Deciding on the guest list is more complicated than some people think. You have to make sure everyone gets along and will have fun as a group. If there is a group of people throwing the party as a whole, you can decide on who you want by going through cell phones, and social networks like Facebook and Myspace." Some people today create events on Facebook and invite the friends they want there with the event information. Saying where the party is, when it starts, and even mentioning that everyone must wear a costume or they can’t come in is also important for Halloween parties. You can even mention prizes for best costumes. That will get people motivated to come up with good ideas for costumes and have people thinking outside the box. For other parties, attire should be specified beforehand. There's nothing worse than showing up to a fancy dinner party in jeans and a t-shirt. This usually makes costume parties even more fun and make for great pictures. Also make sure you give them a date to reserve the spot by so you can...
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