How to Tell Someone Off

Topics: Attack, Violence, Shall and will Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: March 20, 2002
I usually do not respond to such letters, but I will do an exception this time. And this because I believe that in your arrogance you must have posted this idiotic letter in your forums, so that you look a tough guy to your friends. I apologise for not being an intelligent player, its obvious we cannot all be smart in this world. To make a miserable point if your ex-majesty allows me :

1) I did not try to accomplice anything rather than have fun with the war. It was not my choice if everyone attacked me, what does it mean 'what did you try to accomplice' do you really think I invited everyone aboard ?

2) Generally speaking Orcs do not go 'for honour', is this your first day in the game ?

3) I have never lost acres, sorry. Despite the battering I always ended up with more than I started with, in every single war. I have only been broken once this age, and this by a province 1,000 acres bigger than me. Pure luck of course, I don't have the brains to be good.

4) Sorry you cannot see my point in playing, it is only to have fun. I guess yours is... honour ? Nah... land ? Hmmm… good try.

5) Your judgment is excellent and you perception magnificent - yes I always try to get beaten down to use this as an excuse for aid - how did you find out ??? Since my plans are all clear now, yes I become monarch because my provinces also like to see me beaten down to pulp and then help me back; *sigh* I thought none would ever realise…

As for declaring to a kingdom 700k smaller than us - sorry about that - someone whispered to me that going into war with kingdoms 85% of your networth is legal. As for the attack on us, sorry it drew our attention - its fair to attack provinces who war others but not declaring on another kingdom - my apologies

As for you not being organised, I never said that, you kingdom fights well, apart from you who's presence I just noticed by this letter. That's probably besides the questionable tactical approach of hitting only one...
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