How to Teach Basketball

Topics: Basketball, Rules of basketball, James Naismith Pages: 3 (995 words) Published: April 9, 2013
Ashleigh Kendall
Mrs. Evans
Eng. 095-80
19 February 2013
How to Teach Basketball
If you ever played basketball you have to have your mind set to ten percent heart and ninety percent determination. I can remember growing up playing basketball with my dad because he taught me how to play. We would play all day and night. There were always rivalries in our house because we liked different teams. For example, he liked the Celtics and I liked the Miami Heat. I love to play basketball and I think that the little kids would love to learn how to play basketball. Basketball is a fun sport, but it is also has a lot of physical contact. Steps to teach basketball include rules of basketball, fundamental-skill set and sportsmanship. The rules of basketball include time penalties and play penalties; no staying in the lane for three seconds, and no double dribbling the ball. I focused on these time and play penalties because I feel these are not emphasized to the players. For example, when the players are playing down low at the block and standing in the lane for more than three seconds it will cause the ball to belong to the other team. Players are only allowed five fouls per game. Once a player gets five fouls they are out of the game and have to watch the rest of the game from the bench. A foul is hitting, slapping or holding another player. You cannot travel, which means taking an extra step with the basketball. You cannot double dribble the basketball, which means dribbling the ball with two hands or picking up the basketball and dribbling it again. Having these rules will reduce injuries while playing basketball. The fundamental-skill set of basketball is to teach how to stand on defense, how to dribble the basketball, and how to shoot the ball. During defense you bend your knees and put your arms out. To shoot, you put one hand on the ball and shoot, and the other hand goes in the air to add arch to your shot. Another skill to learn is when you dribble the ball with...
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