How to teach accounting effectively

Topics: Education, Educational psychology, Classroom Pages: 10 (2351 words) Published: February 23, 2015
Santos, Mary Beatriz T.
Chen, Jacqueline
Title: Factors that affect teachers’ involvement in the accounting students’ participation in class Thesis Statement: The overall student learning is positively related to the way teachers encourage their accounting students’ participation in class

A teacher’s involvement in a student’s participation and overall learning in the classroom is a valuable asset in the development of a student’s ability as a learner. Many studies have been conducted regarding this because of its importance to creating a better environment for the students of the university. The ways a teacher can provide effective learning tools for students and how this may be an essential part in their participation in class has been proven to be true. There is a belief that by understanding this better teaching and learning techniques can be achieved. Because it is relevant to accounting courses, it is suggested that accounting professors significantly affects the general outcome of accounting students. This research will focus on the perspective of the teacher about how they can promote participation and improve preparation of the students in the classroom environment. There are several teaching techniques that can be used in teaching accounting that is relevant in the achievement of specific skills and knowledge of an accountant. The abilities acquired after taking accounting courses are independence, self confidence, co-operation, sense of responsibility and leadership. Most accounting skills like communications and decision making are not acquired due to the preference to traditional class setting. (Riccio, 2008) The thesis will be able to answer the question, how can an accounting professor improve class participation, conduct a specific class setting and improve student’s preparation before class so that the skills needed by an accounting student can be attained. This paper is structured as follows, the importance of class participation and student’s preparation, the comparison of two different class settings which are traditional and mix-blended and lastly ways to improve class participation and student’s preparation. This thesis covers up the gap in a previous research namely “Class Participation in Accounting Courses: Factors That Affect Student Comfort and Learning” by Elise J. Dallimore, Julie H. Hertenstein, and Marjorie B. Platt of American Accounting Association. According to the Dallimore, Hertenstein and Platt (2010), “That overall student learning is positively related to comfort with one’s own participation in class discussion is an important finding...Further, because each student’s participation contributes to the learning of others, this study provides support for the utilization of strategies to increase both the preparation and participation of all students, including strategies designed to increase non-voluntary participation. Finally, our Comfort model provides insight into the process through which participation in class discussion affects learning and a richer understanding of why participation in class discussions matters.” However the research also stated that the result is biased because it did not consider the two class settings which are either passive or active. Also, the research’s result was only based on student’s grades. The perspective was narrow. Thus, the overall student learning is positively related to the way teachers encourage their accounting students’ participation in class. Review of Related Literature

The sources gathered to support the research all share a similar idea. Most of which discuss how class participation, discussion, and teachers’ involvement in the improvement and development of the student’s learning. These sources also state the value of student and teachers relationship in the classroom environment and how this can improve the performance of both parties. In fact strategies that promote active learning should be defined as...
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