how to talk to girls at parties

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How to Talk to Girls at Parties
Vic and Enn are very close friends. They both attended an all boys’ school in south London. Vic is very independent and outgoing, where Enn is shy and slow to warm up to when it comes to girls. Vic is the typical “jock” he has the handsome smile and a charming way with girls. Enn is awkward, and has trouble swooping girls off their feet. Enn acts as a “wing man” for Vic, as they attend a party. Vic ends up getting with a girl, while Enn converses with a girl on the couch.. Like usual. Vic makes talking to girls sound easy when he says “They’re just girls; they don’t come from another planet.” Enn is the oldest of 3, his two siblings being sisters. Vic is the youngest of 5, boys. Perhaps this is where he gained the knowledge to talk to girls. Enn said “back when I wished on falling stars, a brother is what I wished for.” I think this also plays a role in the way Enn looks up to Vic, almost like an older brother.

“How to Talk to Girls at Parties” by Neil Gailman is a short story that explains the struggles two men face when they attend a party filled with girls. Vic is the more assertive one, who tends to get the women. Enn is shy and finds talking to girls very difficult. At the party, Vic continuously coaches Enn on talking to girl. “He opened and closed his hand in a parody of a speaking mouth. Talk. Right” The end of the story ends abruptly. Vic grabs Enn and tells him “its time to go” “we have to get out of her” just as Enn starts to warm up to a girl named Triolet. Like usual, Enn follows Vic’s lead and leaves the party. They ran… and ran.. and ran until they could not run anymore. Vic pukes, and then try’s explaining to Enn why they had to leave so suddenly. All Vic gets out his mouth was “She wasn’t a”—he stopped. Vic who has no problem talking to girls, cannot even express to his best friend what just happened back at the party. I think the title is significant because the focus revolved around talking to girls, I think...
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