How To Tackle Environmental Issues In China

Topics: Pollution, Economics, Water pollution Pages: 1 (479 words) Published: April 21, 2015
How to Tackle Environmental Issues In China
The Chinese economy was one of the world’s fastest growing and has become the world’s second largest since 2010. In the last thirty years, china’s economy achieved tremendous success at all costs, resulting in widespread environmental degradation. As a consequence, China has been confronted with severe environmental problems ranging from desertification, deforestation, air pollution, climate change, water quantity shortages and water quality pollution and among all of these crises, the smoggy air and polluted water is most alarming for the close linking towards people’s daily life. Quite a few cities witnessed the heavy smog and people cannot trust the water that comes out of their traps.

Both the central and local governments have paid great attention to the environmental issues and have taken a series of measures. To be more specifically, a few metropolises in china like Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai and Hangzhou implemented harsh traffic control measures to ease the air pollution. These cities limit number of new car license plates and Beijing even issued an alternating odd-even license plate number car ban to prevent heavy smog. From my perspective, these approaches can to some extent relieve the hazardous pollution, but the positive effects are limited. What’s more, it is unrealistic for these measures to become a long-term policy. China has to implement the sustainable development strategy, promulgate laws and regulations regarding environmental protection, accelerate progress in environmental science and technology, facilitate environmental protection enterprises and promote alternative energy like wind power and tidal energy. On a more profound level, the cognitive habits of ignoring environmental protection have to be transformed for both the governments and the citizens. The environmental protection laws and regulations should be more restrict and have to be put into practice. It is plain for all to see that...
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