How to Survive a Music Festival

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How to Survive a Music Festival

There comes a time every summer when festivals take over: live music; squelching mud; frothy beer; unusual characters; overflowing portaloos and much, much more. The anticipated festivals range from small ones like ‘Run to the Sun’ to much larger more established ones like ‘Glastonbury’ – either way there’s a festival for everybody! If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life then go to a festival and get engulfed by the music you love! They are touchstones musically obsessed teens and your average kidult.

Throw your dignity out of the window, grab a tent and your wellies and have the time of your lives in the mesmerising company of music. Everybody is going to look just as shabby and unkempt as you so you might as well. All you really need are a few essentials but to make your life a lot easier and to have a lot more fun, then you might want to consider some optional extras.

First and foremost on your list should be a FLAG. Don’t take a flag like the Union Jack, make one of your own. This will be your guide to find your tent amongst the regiment of tents there; it is highly likely that somebody else will have a tent like yours. Be as creative as possible make your flag like no other, as bright and unique as possible! The possibility of inebriation will be high, so unique is the watchwood.

One massive tip, don’t leave anything valuable in your tent!! It will get stolen, trust me there are always tent raiders at festivals. You don’t need to take all your gismos and gadgets with you, although you will need a phone. There is always that, “Where are you? I’m at the hot-dog stand, you know, the one with the giant monkey on the front, near the back fence?” (Or something along those lines) but don’t take your hi-tech touch screen phone, fish through your drawers and take your classic brick phone with you (its battery will probably last longer anyway). You will definitely be using this to...
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