How to Survive in College

Topics: Failure, Reliability engineering, University Pages: 1 (285 words) Published: December 11, 2010
How to Survive in College
(Wendell M. Vendiola)
Excited, nervous... those are some of the feelings that a freshmen feels during their first day in the University. Those feelings lead to the failure of some who can’t cope up in the college life. Here are some tips for us to survive in college: 1. BE FAMILIAR WITH THE CAMPUS- we must know the school premises, what room will be your classroom, or even where is the admin office. 2. KNOW THE PERSON TO TALK TO- when emergency comes, we must know the authority whom we have to talk to because they know more what to do. Even knowing our instructors play a vital contribution, we must have the guts to talk to them, we don’t have to be shy “to ask is to learn”. 3. KNOW YOUR PEERS- having friends is normal to a typical college student. They will help a lot in our studies. For example, we have been not around for a reason then our instructors announced some matter, we can ask our peers about it. 4. HAVE MASTERY IN YOUR SUBJECTS- always concentrate to your studies, see to it that every lesson that you will encounter are always clearly understood. 5. HAVE TIME FOR YOUR SELF- after a busy day, always see to it that you have time for yourself, try to relax and blow off some steams. Always remember that stress is the main cause of aging faster.

Now that you already know the steps on how to survive in college, there is no reason for you to fail. In case that you failed just try it a little harder, always remember that “dreaming means never stop trying”.
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