How to Survive an Ied

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Paper - Process Analysis Rough Draft
Discussion: Writer’s Workshop – Process Analysis Rough Draft– This topic is designed to assist you with your writing and editing skills.  When you have completed your rough draft of the Process Analysis paper, post it here.  Then, review another student posting and offer advice on how he or she can improve his or her paragraph.  For example, you may note that the author of the paragraph has failed to support his or her topic sentence fully.  Give that person advice on how he or she can add details that will make the paragraph more compelling.  Or, you may wish to practice your grammar and punctuation skills on your fellow students by reviewing a paragraph or two for errors. Paper: Process Analysis – This paper is due week eight

This week you will expand from paragraph to essay.  Because this is a longer paper, please use this week and next for writing and revising.  Please make sure to place your final draft in the appropriate Dropbox prior to the end of class in week eight.  

Please take the time to review the assigned chapters for detailed guidance on essay construction.  Review the following websites for more information on essay construction:  
<!--[if !supportLists]-->         <!--[endif]-->Sheey, Geoff.  “5 Paragraph Essay Construction.”  SlideShare. <!--[if !supportLists]-->         <!--[endif]-->“The Five Paragraph Essay.”  Guide to Grammar and Writing.  Capital Community College Foundation.  

1. Using the methods you read about in Chapters 16, 17, 26 and 30, write a 500 word essay based on one of the Activities found in Chapter 21 pages 422 - 425.  For example, you may choose to write a paper about “How to Accomplish a Daily Task” or “How to Write a School Assignment.”  However, any of the topics listed within the pages are fine.  You may decide which topic...
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