How to Sterilize Surgical Instruments in an Office

Topics: Sterilization, Compulsory sterilization, Autoclave Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: March 5, 2011
How to Sterilize Surgical Instruments in an Office
Any medical office that performs procedures must have the ability to properly sterilize surgical instruments. Surgical instruments are sterilized to prevent infecting patients by transferring germs and bacteria from one person to another after use. Sterilization is commonly performed with an autoclave machine, which sterilizes by using heat and pressure to kill microbes and bacteria and offers a quick way to prepare instruments for use. Instructions

1- Pre-clean all used instruments to remove debris and body fluids. Utilize an approved medical detergent for pre-soaking and cleaning used instruments. Scrub the instruments to remove any debris. Open any closed instruments and scrub by hinges and locks. Visually inspect each instrument after cleaning to ensure it is free of debris. 2- Remove instruments from the solution and allow to air dry on a towel. Ensure that instruments are thoroughly dry before handling. Arrange dry instruments into appropriate surgical kits or sets. Choose either sterilization sheets or bags for wrapping the instruments for processing. 3- Lay two sterilization sheets on a flat surface. Place gauze, instruments and a sterilization indicator strip in the middle of the top sheet. Wrap instruments appropriately, and secure the outside edges with sterilization indicator tape to keep edges closed. 4- Open a sterilization bag, if using. Place instruments, gauze and sterilization indicator strip inside the bag. Seal with sterilization tape. 5-Place wrapped instruments inside the autoclave machine. Process the instruments inside the autoclave by following sterilization guidelines and recommendations for machine use by the manufacturer. Inspect each package for wet spots or surfaces, once autoclaving is complete. Reprocess wet packs by first letting them air dry and then processing in the autoclave. Tips & Warnings

Surgical instruments must be wrapped in material intended for use in an...
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