How to stay pretty forever

Topics: Ultraviolet, Mutation, Anaplastic large cell lymphoma Pages: 2 (857 words) Published: January 23, 2014


Everyone wants to look good. It’s a known fact in life that people always want to look and feel their best. From what I’ve learned during last month’s “Genetics and its impact to society” forum, there is only one definite way to keep your beauty forever. The best part, you ask? It doesn’t cost you a thing. Let’s say for example you buy a nail set. Each part of the set has its own job. So, you have to paint your nails in this order: base coat, color of your preference and top coat. If one truly believes in the rules of nail art, it’s a must to follow the order in which you have your nails done. By omitting the top coat, you stand to have chipped nails. By adding too much of the color of your preference, your nail polish will be too thick. By substituting the top coat for the base coat, your nails might turn yellow, because top coats do not protect your nails. Get the picture? I hope so, because I just explained the types of mutation in DNA: Deletion, Addition or Insertion, and Substitution, respectively). It is extremely important that your DNA chains are not altered in any way, because no matter how tiny the change is, there are consequences. In our lives, there has always been an order in people. We were programmed by nature to satisfy our basic needs. In these times, we covet the latest styles of the year, the expensive procedures that can fix our faces to our liking. The thing is, when we’re born, we don’t choose our faces or our circumstances. We can merely change them with metal tools and injections. By now I should probably explain to you what a mutagen is. Mutagens cause disruption in our DNA. They are objects that can alter our physical and mental disposition. If you’ve always wanted to size up your bust, you should know that a life-threatening disease named ALCL (Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma) could make you its next victim. If tanning will help you become more confident this summer, think again: Skin Cancer and UV...
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