How to spot a liar

Topics: Lie, Wish, 2002 albums Pages: 1 (445 words) Published: November 25, 2013
After listened to Pamela Meyer’s speech “How to spot a liar” I think this is an interesting topic and if people go deeper in this topic people can conclude more interesting things from it. Meyer first talk about the lying is a cooperative act. Sometimes we got lie to and at some other point we are agree to get lies. However, not all lies are harmful; sometimes lies can be friendly and acceptable. We were always wishing that we were better, more powerful, smarter, richer, and the list can goes on and on. Lying is attempted to bridge that gap and to connect our wishes and fantasy is who we wished to become, how we wish we could be. Study shows that on a given day people could lie from ten to two hundred times even though there are some white lies. But in another study that shows strangers lied three times within the first ten minutes they meeting each other. Then Meyer was talking about that people are against lying and covertly for it. People are lying for a long time, not people even gorilla knows how to lie. When we were babies we know how to fake a cry to make people attention. To spot a liar people can listening their words, watching their body languages, eye contacting, smiling, and facial expression. People may think that liar should not have eye contact with the person they talk to; however, a liar would have eye contact because they want to make sure that the person they talk to is believed on them. From looking and listening we can know if this person is lying or not.

I think Meyer’s idea is right and it has some evidence to show that is realistic. I especially agree with the eye contact part. People always lie to other people and I admit that I lie to my parents before. I remember when I was in high school and we were having aparty at someone’s house, and I know that my parents would not let me go. I want to have fun with all my friends so I lie to my parents by saying we were having a project so I have to go home late. When I saying this I was...
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