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How to Spend Summer Vaccations

By shahidmd Jul 03, 2013 338 Words
Summer is coming soon. School will be out. I probably will ride my bike, plant flowers and go swimming at Ava’s house. We will have a great time. We will probably have my sprinkler out. I will be getting wet a lot. I am sure we would have a picnic and play in our clubhouse. We will swing on the swing set and go to McCurdy Park one day. Summer will be a lot of fun. I know I will get burnt a lot. But, I still think I will have fun. My mom might babysit for people. I will play Barbie’s with them if she does. She might get a pool with a deep and shallow end and where we could fit three rafts in. We will listen to music. I will go to my dad’s. I will probably play at my dad’s with Brandon and Madeline and Hannah. I will squirt Jonathon with a water gun. Then we will eventually buy a pool. Maybe I will go up north with my dad, like I did last year. It was fun. We went swimming and sold eggs. We had a sand castle competition to see who gets done first. Then we pick berries and make jam. I love playing with all of my family members. We have lots of fun. P.S. I go with my dad, Hannah, Brandon, Madelyn and sometimes my cousin Jeremy and my Aunt Chrissy. We have lots of fun. We found eggs and did not know what kind of egg. So we looked it up but it did not help. So we asked a lot of people. We played hide and seek in the dark and me and Hannah slept in the same camper. It was storming. There was sand on our beds. Hannah played on hers. We played Mario games and when we were on our way home Hannah fell asleep. She does not snore. Brandon and Madelyn were really loud. So I almost fell asleep. It was crazy. Olivia Lindsey

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