How to Shape Indias Future

Topics: Marketing, India, Product Pages: 1 (394 words) Published: June 19, 2013
I G.Ravi kumar completed btech in june 2013.when iam in schoolage I was the 2nd topper in 10th standard and after that I wrote the entrance exam for admission into diploma and I have got 179th rank in this statelevel exam.So,I have joined in top 1 college of Hyderabad.At the end of diploma I placed in a private company in R&D department and completed 7months of work which includes the training period also.At last I realized that there won’t be any growth if a student works with a low qualification.So,I came out of the company and wrote the entrance exam for admission into engineering college got admission in Mallareddy engineering college.If I prepared for the entrance exam I would have got admission in one of the top 5 colleges. The future of india in product development and marketing is a little confused one.Most the areas in this country are highly marketing foreign goods when compared to Indian goods.More than 60% of the sales of four wheelers,cellphones,toothpastes,food products etc.,belongs to foreign markets and their investment in india. ”Why can’t we improve our product development.Why should we encourage foreign goods and services?Why cant we build our own four wheeler,cell phone companies and improve the marketing of Indian goods”. All the citizens of india have to realize it and the government has to intimate them to check the brand of the product first before the customer purchase it.They have to check whether it is the brand of our country or other.I would like to make this mission to be in progress and meanwhile encourage the Indians to keep on developing the Indian market and manufacture new items,machines etc.,There are chances to improve the growth of this country through product development and marketing and I raise my hand to involve in these developments for my country.Being aa electronic student,as I know the core part of the electronic gadgets and automobiles,I would like to learn the...
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