How to Set Up an Internet Connection

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How to Set Up an Internet Connection
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Many people think that a simple computer set-up will already allow them to connect to the Internet. However, an Internet connection should be set up first before one can use a computer to access the World Wide Web. Today, Wi-Fi, broadband, DSL, and dial-up are the four commonly used Internet connections. Setting up the Internet connection with each of these options varies.

Materials Needed:
- Computer (desktop or laptop)
- Internet modem (DSL
- broadband
- dial-up)
- computer manual
- telephone
Step 1
Consider your computer and location when picking the best type of Internet connection. Wi-Fi can be the best if your computer is capable of wireless connection. Broadband is the best if your location allows setting up this Internet connection. DSL can be your next best option if broadband cannot be set up because of your location. Choose dial-up if you cannot use any of the three other choices. Step 2

Proceed to Step 3 for Wi-Fi, Step 6 for broadband, Step 8 for DSL, and Step 13 for dial-up Internet connection. Step 3
Wi-Fi Internet connection is best for laptops though there are also desktops capable of using this wireless connection. Whatever type of computer you have, you can only connect through Wi-Fi if there is an active Wi-Fi modem and if your computer is located within a Wi-Fi hotspot. Step 4

For laptops, view the manual of your computer since every laptop is connected to Wi-Fi through various methods. There are laptops that can set up a Wi-Fi connection through turning on a button, while there are some that require pressing of combination keys. Once done, the laptop will start looking for a Wi-Fi signal. Step 5

If the computer is using broadband, connecting to the Internet will be automatic. If not, check the plug of the router or modem if it is connected properly. Step 6
View the Internet connection status...
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