How to Say Goobye

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I. Introduction
Have you ever in love with someone? If yes, didn’t you break up? As we know, no meeting without separation and No separation without hurt. For the long time, say goodbye to lover is not easy at all, but nothing is impossible. We can keep the silent love but we should not keep the saying goodbye when love disappeared. If the relationship makes both of them feel tired, we should end it. At least we can do something for the one we loved. Someone said that “giving up doesn’t mean weakness, it sometime means we have enough strong for leaving”. We have many ways to say goodbye and today we will give you some advises for your separation.The way to say goodbye that less hurt to ex. When the couple’s relationship cannot develop or even trend to be worse, saying goodbye is only way to solve problem. U can be shy when express your love, but u can not hesitate when say in goodbye., If u don’t want to continue this relationship any more, you have to say goodbye, but sometime saying goodbye in wrong way will make your relationship worse so that the question how to say goodbye without hurting your lover is common question that couple have to meet.

We divide our presentation into 4 parts:
* Firstly, we talk about saying goodbye in indirectly way * Secondly, we mention about saying goodbye in directly way * thirdly, The attitude when say goodbye
* and lastly, The “delete time”, the few days after you call your lover is ex. * And now, Le Thao will start our presentation with first part- saying goodbye in indirect way. II. Body
1. Goodbye in indirect way
As u knows, nowadays there are many ways to communicate and contact with other people indirectly, such as phone, email, letters… and there are many people choosing this way to say goodbye with sweetheart because it is easier than direct way. Now, let’s start with 2 common way to say good bye indirectly. First, most of people choose this way to say goodbye. they say goodbye by a messages, emails, letters or even a call. So what do u feel if u receive a message with content “it’s time for us to separate”? Obviously phone or email boxs have an important role to maintain love, but it should not be used for stopping a relationship. Because love cannot finish by a short sentence like that. Moreover, some people find a friend or neighbor help them to say good-bye with their lover, so how can it affect them? They can feel surprised and disappointed. Because it means the lover do not respect them. So if we decide to separate, our lover should be knew that first. Now, turning to the next indirect way to say goodbye. This is the disappearance. More than 40 % people choose to keep silence when separating with their lover. They avoid meeting and ignore their sweetheart. It means they want to stop their relationship without any explanation. So why are they do that? The answer is that they coward and they do not want to face with their half, and they think that their lover can understand. However, this way too heartless and easy to hurt their lover’s heart. Because they will very worry if their sweetheart disappeared it become revenge. Therefore, do not keep silence. That are something I want to share with u about indirect way to say goodbye with sweetheart. So we should not choose this way, right? Next, thao will continue with the second part: saying goodbye in direct way. 2. Goodbye in directly way

As mentioned above, there are 2 ways to say goodbye with lover. Now, I will talk about how to say goodbye with lover in direct way. The truth is that saying goodbye is really hard for both the speaker and the listener, we can see that people often choose easy way if they feel it is difficult to say directly (as my friend mentioned above), but it is so hard- hearted.. Therefore, the best way in this case is having a talk face to face. Although you and your love are living far away each other about hundreds of mile, u also respect him by asking...
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