How to Save a Choking Person

Topics: Victim, The Victim, Henry Heimlich Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: May 25, 2009
Introduction: Have you ever been in a situation when a person suddenly jumps up, or stands up frantically, with a pale, shocked, or frightened appearance on their face? After being startled yourself, you come to realize that a person is choking. What do you do next? In this speech, I will give you three major points, on how to assist a choking person.

I. Identifying if a person is truly choking
A. Universal sign- clutching his or her neck with both hands
1. Is the victim able to talk?
2. Is the victim having difficulty breathing or noisy breathing?
3. If the victim is able to cough, allow them to continue to try to expel the object by productively coughing

Once the victim can no longer talk or cough, you must assist to clear the obstruction. To clear the obstructed airway, in accordance to the American Heart Association, you must perform the Heimlich manuever, also known as abdominal thrusts.

II. Abdominal thrusts
A. Description of body positioning
1. Stand behind the choking adult
2. Wrap your arms around his or her waist
3. Make a fist with one hand, placing the thumb side of the fist against the victims abdomen- just above the belly button- be sure hand is for below the tip of the breast bone.

B. Give quick upward thrusts into the victims abdomen

Continue performing abdominal thrusts until the object blocking the airway is dislodged, and the victim begins to breathe, or until the victim becomes unconscious

III.Unconscious Person
A. Assist victim by lowering him or her to the floor onto his or her back.
1. Perform a head-tilt, and chin-lift to open airway- perform a finger sweep to attempt to remove object
2. 2 slow breaths
3. Continue giving 5 abdominal thrusts, a finger sweep, and 2 slow breaths, repeating cycle until help arrives

If you were the choking victim, and you are alone, you can lean against a hard surface, or chair...
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