How to Save Your Teeth

Topics: Oral hygiene, Teeth, Halitosis Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: November 23, 2005
Dentures may not be an option for everyone, tooth loss does not have to be part of the future. Preserving teeth is not a difficult task yet so many people seem unable to keep their teeth for the duration of a lifetime. The idea of putting teeth in a glass cup before going to bed can be repulsive. To avoid that people should consider the options they ought to take in order make their pearly whites last a lifetime. In order to keep teeth healthy one must visit their dentist on a regular basis, practice proper hygiene, and reduce the outside influence that can damage teeth.

The first step to insure healthy teeth is to visit a dentist on a regular basis. This means that people should have an ongoing relationship with their dentist. Finding a good dentist is not difficult. The American Dental Association's web site has a section to help. Simply type in the state and zip code and it will produce a list of dentists in the area. If a person does not have a computer, the information is available by phone. Another good source for finding a dentist is from the recommendations of friends and relatives. They can give an insight into a particular dentist's personality, which can be helpful. One should schedule an appointment to have their teeth cleaned and examined every six months. During this time, the gums will also be check because the number one reason for tooth loss is gum disease. The dentist will take x-rays every year to help detect cavities early on. The dentist will also poke and prod at teeth looking for small holes that may not appear on the x-rays. To end the visit one might want to ask for a fluoride treatment, which will help make their teeth stronger.

The second most important factor in preserving teeth is practicing proper dental hygiene. For example, brushing teeth three times a day or after every meal will help insure healthy teeth. Flossing gets to bacteria that hides between the teeth that brushing alone does not get. These...
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