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I’m here to teach you how to root your Zenfone 5 running on Android Kitkat 4.4.2. Now we all know that there have been various ways to root, including a “one-click root” apk called Zenroot, Towelroot by Geohot (George Hots-famous for being the man who hacked the Sony PS3 and made this Towelroot app to root most modern day android devices, and what I’m going to be discussing is yet another way to root the zenfone 5. The zenroot apk is not 100% confirmed to work now that Zenfone 5 has been updated to KitKat, and most who teach that method require users to downgrade first to jellybean before they can root, and then enable “survival mode” in SuperSU once rooted, before reupdating to kitkat once again, which, for me is quite the hassle. So without further ado, let’s begin!

WARNING: your warranty is now void! I am not responsible for bricked devices, thermonuclear wars, dead SD cards, your wife/gf/husband/bf running away from you because you got so obsessed with your Zenfone that you failed to give them time, you getting fired from work because the alarm app failed. You are doing this at your own risk. So if you are unsure, stop before it’s too late! I assure you that I have tried this method and it worked for me.

Download the Intel Android USB Driver from Just check the “I agree blablabla” so that you will be redirected to the main download link. Download the latest version of the Zenfone rooting toolkit from I know the page is in Chinese, but you just have to find the words ZENFONE KITKAT ROOT coz the download links are below it.:D Your phone should at least be charged to avoid inconveniences while in the process., If you haven’t done so yet, turn on USB Debugging in Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging. Now if you can’t find the Developer Options, go to Settings > About Phone, and tap 7 times on your build number until you are greeted by a toast notification, “You are now a developer!” Windows 7 PC/laptop with USB ports (preferably USB2.0.

Micro USB cable that came with your unit or any microUSB cable you are confident that works on your Zenfone..

1. Install Intel Android driver. This will allow the pc to recognize your zenfone and its bootloader interface. After it, connect your phone to your pc and let windows automatically obtain drivers for it by changing the options such as in this screenshot:

Change it to

And you should be greeted by this-your device’s ADB interface driver will also be installed. Be patient while Windows searches drivers for you. Sit back and relax.:D

The final screen should now be like this:

2. To make sure that ADB connections between your device and your computer is “authorized”, you can test the connectivity by doing the adb devices command. Go to your root zenfone folder, since that is where your adb and fastboot drivers are. You should see a folder named “files” inside the root zenfone folder. Now hold Shift and right click on that files folder and select “Open Command here”, like in this screenshot:

3. Do the adb devices command and it should return the value of your device serial number:

If you see the word “unauthorized” instead of the word “Device” next to your serial, that mean the connection is not authorized. So unplug your Zenfone from PC and reconnect it again. Look at your phone because you will be greeted by a screen like this:

Check the “always allow” and hit OK. If you test adb connectivity one more time, you should now get the word “device” instead of “unauthorized” before your serial number. Now that we’re all set, it’s time to root your Zenfone! 4. With your device still connected to your pc, navigate to your downloaded Root...
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