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Topics: Research, Applied research, Basic research Pages: 2 (325 words) Published: October 23, 2014
The most important step to start the research project is finding a research problem and there are many important steps that can be taken to turn a question into a research problem that readers think is worth of solving. There are two types of problem, Practical and research problem. Practical problems lead to research problems, and the answers are planned to help solve the practical problem. Practical problem are significant therefore it should not be ignored because ignoring it can lead to trouble. Practical problems is originated in the real world and based on some cost to society, therefore they are solved by taking real world actions, and however, Academic research problem is different. To solve practical problem, we have to use research problem, but it is important to differ the practical research problem from conceptual (based on mental concepts or understanding) problems. Conceptual problems are caused by a misunderstanding of something about the world as well as we would like. It is also solved not by changing things in the world but rather by understanding it well. In simple words, research problems are originated in our mind and based on incomplete knowledge, therefore it can be solved by gathering useful information to understand it better. Research can be applied and also “Pure”. An applied research is the foundation for the research elaborates what we wish to do and the consequences are noticeable and the gained knowledge is “applied” to solve and immediate practical problem. “Pure” research is the foundation of the research that defines what you wish to due therefore the result is conceptual. Then we can convert the question into finding sources. There are three types of sources, primary or data, secondary or book and articles, and tertiary or books and articles that describes the research of others. Before using the sources, we must evaluate the relevance between the question or problem and the source to make a good sense of...
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