How to Relax

Topics: Internet Relay Chat, Bermuda Triangle, A Quiet Place Pages: 2 (512 words) Published: March 28, 2009
How to relax Stress! Stress! Stress! This is the bane of every student in Singapore these days. It seems that in these times, our school authorities are perpetually worried about our having any free time and getting ourselves into mischief because of it. So they endeavour to fill up our free time by giving us lots of homework, tests and CCA (Co- Curricular Activities). It is no wonder that my leisure hours have become increasingly precious. Therefore, learning how to relax is the best way to deal with the stress constructively. In facing a potentially stressful situation, I will use various quick and easy ways to relax mentally. First, I will find a quiet place with few distractions, and then inhale deeply through my nose, count to five and then exhale slowly out through my mouth, while telling myself: ‘this stress is going away’. Next, I would proceed to speak positively to myself, such as: ‘I am calm and in control’. I can also force myself to relax and lower my shoulders, which helps to relieve body tension. Another possible alternative is closing my eyes and picturing my own personal paradise, putting myself there and then imagining the setting of the place in absolute detail. Hearing the breeze, birds, waves or water, I enjoy every moment in my special place thoroughly. For a girl like myself, there are so many diversions to be pursued during this time. I can indulge in indoor hobbies like my computer interests and television viewing or go outdoors to watch a game. The computer has been a blessing for many introverts like myself. In addition to playing games, I like to surf the Internet for interesting websites like ‘YouTube’ or subjects on historical attractions. My friends and I know the latest on Atlantis City (the undersea city), the Bermuda triangle or the pyramids of ancient Egypt. Being a shy person, I also like to IRC (Internet Relay Chat). Here I can chat with others freely, pose under an alias and assume any identity that I like. It is fun to...
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