How to reduce math anxiety

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Math anxiety is a common problem for all students, in high school or college or university. Not only that anxiety affects them when taking test, but also it affects other areas. There are several qualities that can be used for this particular problem. Although these qualities do not guarantee good grades, it must be completed by effective study and motivation. There are all kinds of math anxiety, but also all of them could be reduced. One way is to try ti find out when and why that occurred. It is usually a result of events, not because of you cannot solve a problem. Reducing anxiety could be done by just taking and answering questions about it. Not doing homework assignment could be another type of anxiety. Even though if you cannot finish your assignment, there is a chance to learn something. The easiest way to reduce it is to make an appointment with your instructor, ask to work one of the homework problems, prepare questions and ask before or during the class, or just by sending an email. Also it could be reduced by group study with other students, which probably makes you more comfortable. Like Paul Nolting wrote about relaxation, for ME it is the easiest way to avoid anxiety, especially during the test. If you had spent all day/night learning math, than you probably won't fail. And that's why you need to be relaxed. But I disagree with him about these steps, feet flat on the floor, repeat same action, etc., because it could get you even deeper. For me the best thing is just take couple of deep breathes, and say "I know this, and I will pass it". No critics, worries or negative speeches.
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