How to Reduce Food Miles

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How to Reduce Food Miles
If you want to contribute to the conservation of the environment, you can consider reducing food miles. The following article will tell you how to do so. Ads by Google
Ralph Lauren Big & Tall Shop the Official Site for Ralph Lauren Apparel, Accessories & More. In the earlier days, transport was limited, but as it increased over the years, the rate of pollution also started rising. So, transportation (of goods, people, etc.) can be termed as one of the major causes of pollution. In a world where people are fascinated with imports, long distance transportation is inevitable, but it can surely be reduced if the demand for local products rises. Food miles indicate the distance between production area of the food and the consumer. If food miles are more, then it will lead to long distance transportation, which will lead to environmental pollution, and will eventually contribute to global warming (as large quantity of fuels are used for transportation). Reducing the food miles will lead to decreasing the transportation, and thus will help in preserving the environment. In addition to this, you can always get fresh food, if the food miles are less. Consumer Behavior Impact

As I mentioned earlier, imports considerably increase food miles, so before buying food stuffs from a supermarket, check the labels to see where the product was produced, go for food products that come from your local market, or nearby markets. The producers of food products, usually track the market to analyze consumer behavior, once they deduce that the demand for food products from the faraway markets has reduced, automatically the import rates will come down. Encouraging Local Markets

Encourage local farmers, fishmongers, butchers, and all other sources of food products in the local market, by buying from them. This will have 2 benefits: You will reduce the food miles.
It will boost the local economy.
Note: If you feel that any imported...
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