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How You Can Get Motivated To Reach Your Goals
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By Caroline Jalango

Motivation is fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly. —Stephen R. Covey

It happens to everyone. Your happiest moments dissipate, and you have little or no energy to work creatively and enthusiastically. You feel mentally and emotionally drained. All your excitement about accomplishing your dreams, working on a project, pursuing a new career, committing to an important relationship, achieving your financial goal, starting the business in which you have invested time, energy and finances is suddenly gone. You can’t understand it or explain it. But there is one thing you are certain of: you feel miserable and you want your enthusiasm back!

While it’s easy to embark on the pursuit of a worthwhile goal, the ability to maintain the momentum to ensure its accomplishment is another issue altogether. When your motivation is low, your commitment, determination and passion are tested. You become aware that your worthwhile goal will remain just that, unless you get motivated and stay motivated to achieve it.

Despite having lost the motivation to work on your most important goal, chances are you remain actively engaged in accomplishing other unrelated goals. However, despite these accomplishments, you continue to feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled, because your most worthy goal remains untouched, unattended to and unattained.

Motivation is the energy that drives you to accomplish goals, and it’s necessary for all types of success. You need motivation in huge doses and you need it daily. Parents have to stay motivated to raise their kids, students have to stay motivated to graduate from college, employees have to stay motivated to get promoted (and to stay employed). Writers have to stay motivated to complete books, and business owners must...
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