How to Read Literature Like a Professor

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1. Memory, symbol and pattern affect the reading of literature by separating the professional reader from the rest of the crowd. Memory of what happened allows you to enjoy later scenes of a book of a movie, yet this does not necessarily improve the experience of popular entertainment. When reading you have to assume everything is a symbol until proven otherwise. Its good to think of things as existing as themselves while simultaneously also representing something else. Patterns are everywhere. While reading you take in detail yet also look at how the details have an underling pattern This means that you have to distance yourself from the story and look beyond the basic story.

2. The five aspects of the quest are; 1. The quested, 2. A place to go, 3. A stated reason to go there, 4. Challenges and trials, 5. The real reason to go. A quested means a person going on a quest but in most cases that person doesn’t know that they are going on a quest. A place to go and a stated reason to go there means someone tells the protagonist to go somewhere and do something. The real reason to go means that the real reason for a quest is to always find self knowledge. 5.1) Our quester: a young child just out of high school. She is not happy with her parents decisions so she decided to make decisions for herself. 5.2) A place to go: she escapes to NY.

5.3)A stated reason to go there: She escapes to New York because that is where her sister escaped to many years ago. Her sister loves it and says there are many opportunities there no only for here but for her sister as well. 5.4)Challenges and trials: when she escapes to NY her brother end up coming up after high school as well and then eventually so do her crazy parents. She learns to cope with her strange parents “wanting to be poor” ideas her parents want to be poor so they dig through dumpsters and don’t shower and she doesn’t understand why they want to do that. She has to cope with their ways of life and still create grand opportunities for herself. 5.5) But it made her realize that sometimes one life is not better then another. That sometimes the life that one chooses is the happiest life that those people will ever live. She had to learn through escaping to NY that she can have a magnificent life and that would be just fine. Also while her parents are living on the streets and don’t want help from any of their children.

3. There are many books that have meal between someone and another but most its hard to find reason behind that meal. Anytime that people eat together is communion. For the book Unbroken which is a war book, the men are stuck on a raft in the ocean and its been many, many days and they are struggling to survive. One man was able to catch a bird with his bare hands which was extremely lucky for their circumstances, like a calling from god trying to keep them alive the men eat this bird as if it was their last meal. The blood dripping and that raw meat stench, hard to eat but they are lucky to have food at all, they know they have to eat it in order to survive.

4. A story that has a vampire in it does not necessarily mean that it is about a vampire. Their point to have a vampire is not to scare us, its more to represent selfishness, exploitation, and a refusal to respect others. So simply when there are vampires its never about an actual vampire. A vampire in a book does not literally have to be a vampire it can be entirely human its just someone who is stripping a women of her youth leaving her with nothing in order to demoralize her, it’s the tough sexy characters that want what he wants. This vampire figure shows up in many places like in the movie Precious. it’s a young girl raped by a selfish man and he exploits her. There are no vampires in the movie yet the essence of the evilness of a vampire is crawling throughout that movie.

5. Intertextuality is when there are things through a text that mean other things. Like noticing that things have...
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