How To Read

Topics: Technology, Critical thinking, Generation Y Pages: 2 (608 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Antwan Williams
Mrs. Lightfoot
British Literature
7, October 2013
DBQ: Is this generation in danger of not being able to think for themselves? Why is technology an integral part of society? What impact does it have on the children of this era? How is technology being used in people's everyday life? Today's generation is not a technological disadvantage, contrary to society's perception; nowadays, children use technology as a secondary tool.

It is explicitly normative for today's generation to use technology as a supplementary tool to simplify complex tasks. According to Blanche Williams, cliff notes decreases critical thinking. Williams also believes that people are readily available to accept any facts on the media, Internet, or on websites, such as cliff notes. However, students use the Internet to assist and support the information students acquire from textbooks. For instance, if a student has an assignment in which he/she have to read chapters and get a full understanding for an exam. They would read the book, and then go to a source like cliff notes or spark-notes to crystallize their understanding of the reading.

As of the 21st century, technological use has become so readily available to people that it's inevitable. It is a part of society's trends, and has been implemented throughout schools across the nation. For example, schools have adopted the use of calculators, even though there was a upheaval about calculators in the early 1870s, as depicted in the article, "Legalized Cheating" The Wall Street Journal (2006): Print by Ellen Gamerman. Calculators were a very controversial device in the classroom due the fact that it can spit out an answer, leading to the notion that students would be inadequate because they wouldn't be able to think for themselves. Also, when teachers issue a project, for the most part, we have moved away from the tri-folds, poster boards, or foldables. Now, we are using the newer technology like prezi or glogster, to...
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