How to Properly Wash My Car

Topics: Washing, Cleanliness, Sponge Pages: 2 (743 words) Published: April 2, 2013
Peter Deng
Professor Fischer
English 101
24 February 2013
How I Properly Wash My Car
In the years that I have owned my car, I did not necessarily know how to properly wash it. I never realized the damage I have done to my car. Without the proper equipment, I have continuously damaged my car over time. Using just any equipment to clean my car will slowly cause swirls or spider webs on the surface of my car, which are thousands of micro scratches that have a negative impact on the overall appearance. Tools and a proper way of washing and drying can make a big difference when washing my car. However, following these tips will help the washer understand how I properly wash my car from top to bottom.

Before I start washing my car, gathering the right tools and equipment are key points to having my car admirable. It is vital that the washer uses car soap, not dish soap. Dish soap formulas are engineered with harmful compounds that can easily eat away at the car’s paint job. Wash mitts are also important when washing a car. Natural sea sponges and sheep skin wash mitts are superb for washing cars. These mitts are effective solutions for swirl-free car washing. Drying my car with a microfiber towel is the proper way of not leaving swirls on my car. I try to avoid using discarded household towels, because they are often not soft anymore and produce plenty of lint. Drying the car with a regular towel can do more harm than good. I start by filling two buckets with clean water, and add car soap to one of the buckets for washing. Before I begin to wash my car, I would park it in a nice shady area. This prevents premature drying which can leave splotches on the paint. At this point my car is ready to be washed.

After I have gathered up all the right equipment, my car is rinsed down for the official wash. I make sure all windows are closed, and retract the antenna if the car is old. I start by hosing off the car to loosen the dirt and soften dried mud or bird feces....
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