How to properly care for your paintwork

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How to properly care for your E30’s paintwork
Making your E30’s paint sparkle like a new car isn’t as simple as it seems. There’s a lot more to getting a car looking in showroom condition than meets the eye. Of course, many people will be happy to give their car the once over with a bucket of water with a bit of washing-up detergent thrown in for good measure every 6 months or when they can no longer see out of the windscreen. The secrets to having a car with paintwork better than a brand-new car go much deeper! In this guide, I will be describing the processes that I use personally on my car. These are a combination of recommendations from well known and top quality car detailing companies and a series of methods that I have found to work well for myself. Remember, this is only a guide and you can make variations to this as you please. My chosen range of products are the Meguiars range. I have found every one of their products to exceed my expectations and with the added bonus of their products being affordable to most of us unlike some of the more expensive products such as Zymol. You can view and order direct from their website at Something that I can’t stress enough in this guide and if you remember nothing else here, then try and remember this: DO NOT WASH OR POLISH YOUR CAR IN DIRECT SUNLIGHT

This is the worst thing you can do, many people will come out on a nice hot sunny day and wash their cars under the impression that it’s the perfect weather… wrong! An overcast day or somewhere in the shade is perfect otherwise you will end up with no end of problems such as water spots, polish and waxes baking onto the paint, swirl marks, the list goes on!!! Wheels

Product: Meguiars Hot Rims Alloy Wheel Cleaner
For some bizarre reason (don’t ask me why), I always start by washing my wheels before anything else on the car. Start off by hosing down the wheel, never apply a wheel cleaner before wetting the surface first. Spray the wheel cleaner over the alloy wheel taking care not to get any on your brake callipers as it can corrode them. Work the wheel cleaner into the wheel with a soft brush or sponge, I also clean the sidewall surface of the tyre at this point. Once you have thoroughly cleaned the wheel, rinse off and re-inspect for any parts you may have missed. Try not to leave the wheel cleaner on for long periods and ensure that it is thoroughly washed off after use. Washing

Products: Meguiars NXT Generation Car Wash
Meguiars Gold Class Shampoo and Conditioner

Meguiars Lambswool Wash Mitt
One of the most important things to remember when washing your car is to wash it with the correct implement. Little do people realise that the conventional yellow sponge does more harm than good. It basically drags the dirt on the car across the paint causing swirl marks. You need to get yourself a proper wash mitt, I use the Meguiars lambs wool mitt which when used holds a lot of wash solution and actually picks the dirt up into it’s deep pile protecting the paint. Prior to washing, ensure that you thoroughly rinse each panel first. For any large particles on the car, I use the jet setting on the hose to blast it off. Do NOT use a jet washer though as this could remove your paint too! Mix your solution using warm water and ensure that you stick to the recommended quantities on the bottle. Start by washing the top of the car and work downwards, some people use different buckets of water and separate mitts for different parts of the car but I prefer to start at the top and work down as the worst of the dirt is usually at the bottom of the car. Wash one pannel at a time and then rinse immediately afterwards to avoid the wash solution from drying onto the paint. Once finished, remove the spray from the end of the hose and allow the water to flow all over the car, this heavier flow helps to remove any remaining wash solution and “sheet” the water off the...
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