How to Prevent the Spread of Hiv
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How to Prevent the Spread of HIV
Felicia White
English 1001
May 5, 2013
Sean Leary
South University

HIV has been on the rise for some years now. HIV is the Virus that causes the medical condition AIDS. This illness attacks the immune system, making a person susceptible to many infections and diseases. The virus is found in the body fluids of an infected person and can be passed from one person to another.
HIV can be spread in various ways, such as vaginal, oral, or anal sex as well blood transfusions and tainted hypodermic syringes. Since there is no cure for this disease early treatment is recommended. HIV may not even be detected until the latter stages of the virus which by then can cause serious complications.
Though there is no cure, one can use some precautions to prevent the spread or contracting the virus.
One way to prevent the spread of HIV is education. Education is the key to informing the community about HIV prevention. Knowledge promotes awareness that may decrease the risk of exposure and transmission. If everyone does their part in the educating process there could be ongoing promotion to decrease risk for those who are less informed.
The second way to HIV prevention is to be in a monogamous relationship. Monogamy is a state in which two people are only having sex with one another. Commitment is the key to monogamy. Though monogamy is not always the case in some relationships it can decrease the risk if both parties are only seeing one another.
The third way to HIV prevention is to practice safe sex. If one is having sex with someone they are not sure about then they should wear a condom. If one knows for sure that he or she is not practicing monogamy they should also use protection. Condoms can also decrease the risk of transmission.
The fourth way to HIV prevention is to if one inject drugs, do not share their needles or syringes. This is a sure way to pass the virus because of the blood left on and in the

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