How to Prevent Drug Abuse

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How to Prevent Drug Abuse
If you are wondering how to prevent drug abuse problems for your loved one, the answer is family involvement. One’s involvement in their family is the key to preventing drug abuse. Families play the most important role in determining how children handle the temptations to use alcohol, cigarettes, and drugs. Typically, substance abuse prevention programs for youth are part of school efforts, public television campaigns, or local police initiatives. But a new effort in how to prevent drug abuse is starting in many communities. It focuses on preventing substance abuse by helping families. Be a part of it from the very first step! We all need to work together including the following:

* Parents who want to protect their children from experiences that may lead to drug abuse * Teachers, social workers, nurses, and others worried about children who are under stress and have troubles at home * Community members who want to build a neighborhood that helps families keep their children drug free * Public health and drug abuse prevention practitioners who can bring the latest knowledge of what works and what doesn't-along with some money to help the community develop a plan of action Why focus on families when it comes to how to prevent drug abuse? School and community programs on how to prevent drug abuse are essential, but they are not sufficient. Frequently, schools do not begin addressing the problem of drug abuse until the high school years. Yet drug abuse often begins in the elementary and middle school years. Family bonding is the bedrock of the relationship between parents and children. Bonding can be strengthened through skills training on parent supportiveness of children, parent-child communication, and parental involvement. One method of preventing drug abuse is attending family skills training programs. They are based on interactive and practical methods used to produce lasting behavioral changes in parents and children. They offer parallel skills training sessions for parents and children (or adolescents) and at the end of each session bring the families together to practice their newly acquired skills as a family. A study of the effectiveness of family skills training programs has found them to be on average four times as effective as drug education programs targeting youth in schools. Other positive outcomes reported include increased child attachment to school and improved academic performance, less depression and aggression in children, increased child social competence and pro-social behavior, and lower levels of family conflict. Ways to Prevent Drug Abuse

1. Start Early
Drug abuse is a phenomenon that affects people of all ages and from every walk of life. Although the types of drugs available are many, the best way to deter people from drug abuse is the same: early prevention. Researchers agree that drug prevention programs are most effective when they begin early in life. In fact, prevention programs that cover issues like aggressive behavior, social skills and the importance of good grades should start at the preschool level. Because these issues all involve risk factors for drug abuse, addressing these issues and learning appropriate coping mechanisms early can be effective in preventing drug problems later on in life. 2. Have Close Family Ties

It is important that parents raise children in a loving and nurturing environment for a number of reasons and preventing drug abuse is one of them. Researchers have found that a child raised in a home where a parent is detached, not affectionate and/or ineffective at discipline has a higher risk for potential drug abuse later in life. The same can be said for a child who has a parent that abuses drugs. 

Statistics show that people who come from nurturing, positive home have a lesser risk of succumbing to drug abuse. Creating and maintaining a close bond with your child along with setting clear rules and guidelines can keep them...
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