How to Prevent Dengue in School

Topics: Dengue fever, Mosquito, Aedes Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: August 2, 2012
A very good morning to the Principal, Senior Assistant One, Senior Assistant of Students Affair, Senior Assistant of Co-curriculum, teachers and students on the floor. I feel greatly honoured and privileged to stand here before you to give a talk. As a Health Officer from The Ministry of Health, I have been invited by the Parent-Teacher Association of PTA of this school to give a speech to all of you about “How to prevent dengue in school”.

Many of us are very afraid of this deadly disease. Actually this disease occurred because of out bad habits. We throw rubbish everywhere we want, let out environment dirty and many more. This disease is not a mosquito’s fault. It is our fault. So, today I will tell all of you how to prevent this fearful and deadly disease in school.

First, the students must clean up the school compound. The cleaning must be done everyday to demolish the entire mosquitoes’ habitats. The mosquitoes usually sting people in the morning and evening. So, students do not need an exercise in the morning. They just have to divide in groups and start the cleaning operations immediately. The teachers have to keep an eye on the students to avoid them from playing truant fro these cleaning operations.

Teachers also play an enormous role in this disease prevention. They need to create awareness through exhibitions such as “Meet The Aedes”, “Know About Mosquitoes” and “Dengue The Deadly Disease” must be held at schools. Through these exhibitions, students will be exposed about dengue. Teachers also must send students to anti dengue seminars. During these seminars, students will be thought about how to prevent dengue fever in school. Thus, the dengue fever cases in school will be reduced.

Parents are also very important people in these dengue preventions. They have to come to the school when there is anti-dengue campaign. They have to teach their children about dengue fever and encourage them to be clean anytime, and anywhere. They also must...
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