How to Present Power Point

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* How To Present With Power point
* How many of us, listening to a PowerPoint presentation, have found our interest waning and attention wandering? Yet PowerPoint is easy to use and can be an effective way to divide information into digestible chunks and put across the key points more memorably. Here are some suggestions to help make your PowerPoint presentations more memorable. * Don't overload the presentation

* The most common mistake is to include everything you want the audience to know. It is human nature. We have spent time collecting the information - of course we want to use it. Remember, the presentation is more interesting to you than to your audience, so edit ruthlessly. * Keep the word count down

* The golden rule is keep the word count down. It is easy to take words out - you don't need to write in sentences and it is often best to verbalise the subjective bits - often adjectives. * For example, if the context is clear then the words "the ambitious project completion deadline is to be moved back to March" can abbreviate to "new March deadline". * The keep it simple maxim holds true for technical presentations with lots of graphs, bar charts and spider diagrams, so don't have too much data on any single chart. * Use images instead of words

* Wherever possible use images. Images are easier on the audience and they help to re-focus the audience's attention on you. * 12 slides are usually better than 24
* There is no magic number as to how many slides you can have but as a general rule 12 slides are better than 24, and 36 is asking a lot of your audience. However, it really depends on what you have on your slides: presenting research results is very different from, say, a sales presentation. * Know your audience

* Some people want the minutiae, some don't. As a rule of thumb, senior business people are famously disinterested in the fine detail - so keep to the key points. However, there will always be...
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