How to Prepare for a Visa Interview

Topics: United States, Capital districts and territories, Visas Pages: 3 (1016 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Homasom Hippolite-Amadi
Professor C. Neenan
English111: Process Analysis Essay
11 March 2013.
How a Nigerian Applicant Should Prepare for an American Student Visa The visa can be seen as ones ticket to a journey, a step forward to an adventure. The visa is issued at embassies of the desired country one wants to go to, however, the experience that comes with applying for and getting a visa can be quite unforgettable. In Nigeria, there are two United States embassies; one is located at the formal capital state of Lagos, while the other is located at the present capital city – Federal Capital Territory of Abuja. The opinions of the applicants – concerning which embassy gives the most difficult interview – differ. All in all, the United States of America’s visa, process and interviews is known to be one of the most difficult, nerve-racking, embarrassment-inducing processes to go through for Nigerians; it is even more difficult for students to get the F-1 student visa. This could be due to necessary steps taken forward to ensure the security of the country and its citizens, but it is also to ensure that the applicants don’t get stranded and become a liability to the United States or their guardians, and also to be sure that the students don’t over-exceed their permitted Duration of Stay. Therefore, with careful steps and measured precautions, the process of applying, securing and going through a U.S visa interview can be less difficult and one can go through it in one successful fell swoop. First, the intended student must be sure that they understand what the F-1 visa is for. There are different kinds of visas for temporary visitors; this includes the B-1 visa is for athletes competing for prize money and also for business visitors, whereas the B-2 visa is pleasure visitors, tourists on a vacation. Other visas include the J, Q, F and M visas that can be quite confusing because their purpose are almost similar, especially the J and F visas; make no mistake to...
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