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How to Poison the Earth and Chronicles of Ice

By 123Joseph Feb 04, 2011 570 Words
How to Poison the Earth
and Chronicles of Ice

Saukko focuses in this essay explaining a process of “How to Poison the Earth.” and

“Chronicles of Ice.” by Ehrlish. Both authors make excellent point about how to save and conserve the

planet of Earth. Both go about making these point in two completely different ways although

they do have their similarities. Saukko uses a more sarcastic and ironic way to prove her point, While

Ehrlich uses a more serious and detailed way to prove hers.

Both essays are directed toward to all people who love and care about Earth and want

to see our planet be prosperous for many years to come and stay beautiful and able to support life.

Ehrlich and Saukko are both worried about the effects of human activities on the environmental and

what we can do to stop poisoning the Earth and save the glaciers. Both realize the human action on the

environment and the effects they do have on Earth.

Saukko idea is completely theoretical, highly illegal, and almost impossible to

happen. Poisoning the earth can be difficult, because the earth is always to cleanse and renew itself. All

of the preparatory steps are listed in the first paragraph where she list examples of harmful substances,

nuclear power plats, pollution for rivers, groundwater that has been injected with toxins, deep-well

injection involves drilling a hole, chlorophyl polyurethane, and pollutants that jeopardize life in the

earth. Ehlrich her essay approaches to all reader through personal experience her details and

descriptions make the essay informative attracting a specific readers. Both essays are interesting, each

with distinct methods but overall informative while complimenting each other. Saukko's writing is

referred to as direct process analysis, but she also uses satire , which is very effective when it comes to

keeping the reader interested. She uses phrases like preserving the earth can be difficult because the

each is always trying to renew itself. Which is the first sentence of the essay, to sarcastically express

her concern. The essay focuses mainly on toxins or poison and how they are dangerous for life on


If we think about the right. God created the world for human, animals, plants, and

etc.... to lives our life to the fullest and enjoy what a beautiful world around. If she want to poison the

earth. What happen to us? We all gonna be die; humans, animals, and everything. We don,t have fresh

water to drink because of the toxins. We can not do nothing. This is also lock of completeness brings

about some confusion and many questions.

Overall Saukko's talks about saving the environment in a more general matter, where

as Ehrlich's approaches the topic as a result of the actions and risk of the environment problems,

like global warming, addressed in Saukko;s essay. Ehrlich's essay talks about her visit to the Perito

Moreno glacier, by also using process analysis she explaining the formation of glaciers and how eighth

the help of human activities such as global warming, glaciers decline. She uses personal experience to

express her concern on the effect of human activity on the environment. She is very detailed and

descriptive which makes the essay informative, attracting readers who would be specifically interested

in glaciers and what causing them to decline rather a general audience interested in the overall effects

of other environmental issues as well.

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