How to Plan the Perfect Party

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Got big party plans? Before you go completely wild consider our top ten birthday party tips that will guarrantee your Big Day is remembered for all the right reasons: Best friends

If your child has a best friend make sure they can come on the date you are planning for the party before you go ahead with bookings and invitations. The day just won't be the same without their partner in crime by their side. Involve the birthday party child in the planning

If your child is old enough, sit down with her and offer a few suggestions for the birthday party theme - to avoid disappointment perhaps write down the options you are prepared to invest your time and money in and then let her choose from the list. Don't ask your child to come up with the party plan because tears may follow when you say no to a petting zoo on your apartment balcony. Plan, plan, plan - and then plan some more

Plan what party food the kids are going to eat, what party games they will play and what to give to each child when they leave. Start collecting party paraphernalia a couple of weeks prior to the big day and store it all in a plastic tub so it's easy to access when party time arrives. Guest list

Keep track of who you've invited to the party, as well as who has RSVPd and any special requests. Big is not always best - don't get trapped into inviting everyone your child has ever known. The rule of thumb is that the number of guests should be the age of your child plus one once your child is aged three and over. If you are planning party games make sure you invite an even number of children so no one is left out. Older children handle bigger groups better than younger children. Invitations

Order personalised invitations six weeks before the party. Send out invitations at least three weeks ahead of time. Many venues provide invitations so make sure to ask if you're holding the party away from home. You can download and print your own invitations to send out to guests. Timing...
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