How to Pick and Take Care of a Dog

Topics: Dog, Dog breed, Neutering Pages: 3 (942 words) Published: October 27, 2007
How to pick and take care of a dog

First of all we have to adopt or purchase a dog. If people want a small dog, most people would recommend a daschund. A daschund is about ten to twenty pounds. They have a long back, a long nose but, their very petite. Daschund's are great with children and other dogs. If people want a medium size dog, dog owners would recommend a Labrador retriever. A Lab can grow up to be sixty pounds or more. They are hunting dogs but, they are great for protection, children, and life in general. Labs are disciplined. People love Labs because they are "a man's best friend." Now for the larger dogs, people who have big dogs would recommend a Great Dane. Even though these dogs are huge, they are very easy to get along with. Great Danes can grow up past one hundred and fifty pounds. When they stand on the hind legs they are taller than a six foot man. Even though Great Danes are big dogs they have very gentle souls. Most of the time, Great Danes are great with kids and other dogs. There are over three hundred breeds of dogs. These three that Lia has mentioned are her favorites. If a person does not want a dog that sheds all the time do not get a husky. They have layers of fur that sheds like crazy. If a person does not want a dog that drools all the time do not get a mastiff.

Now we are going to talk about how to care for your dog. If you have a dog, Lia thinks they should not be chained up outside. A person should not have a dog if they are not going to interact with him/her. Many people chain their dogs outside without giving them water or food. People will leave their dogs out in one hundred degree weather, thunder storms, tornados, hurricanes, and the rain. Lia personally thinks this should be a crime. Dogs should have clean water and food three times a day. For a dog who is ten to twenty pounds people should give them one fourth of a cup or half a cup three times a day. Dogs that are sixty pounds or a little more, should...
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